weekend estivation

Woke up to summer – in February. The temperatures are up. Summer arrived early tis year.

It’s the brittle crispy grass. Still green. It almost breaks under the soles. I’m spending more time with the shadow that has become more distinct. It’s that warm air that greets you in the morning making one wonder if it’s already noon. There’s that worry that the fan’s might overheat because they’d been rested not. It’s that unwillingness to be out of shade.

It was dark when I hauled my laundry to the mothers. A hearty meal. A cold room. Spent some time with the nephew who was unfortunately sick. I was made to realize I’ve forgotten my niece’s birthday. Such a great aunt I am.

The mother’s to leave next week and she was orienting us about the arrangements she made. She paraded her own haul from a day’s shopping. She bought the boyfriend some clothes and accessories and got a few items for herself. It’s nice to see her buying things for herself. I think she used the fitting room this time. Pink was the day’s color. This, I gathered from the items she purchased. A couple of minutes of show and tell about her gifts to the boyfriend and to herself. I like this version of her. When we believe she genuinely likes the boyfriend – not for the support.

With two bags of now clean clothes, I made my way home. The evening’s are cooler but I find myself out of breath with the bags I carried. This is what you get for missing your jog sessions, I thought. Tomorrow, I hope I won’t get this scolding.


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