dinner invite

The plan was to take that jog. The one I’ve been planning since Friday last week. Somehow, I found myself seated at the mother’s dining table with the eldest and the third sisters and the older niece and the nephew enjoying the mother’s beef dish. More reasons to have that jog – soon!

I’ve forgotten about the mother’s text earlier this afternoon about cooking for dinner amidst all the excitement at the office caused by two rodents who share the office space with us. I guess, I planned on not coming for dinner. I did have to go because number one: the mother cooks great beef dishes (plus I’d save a lot for dinner), two: I’d be seeing the eldest sister (we haven’t had lunch in  a while), and three: I needed to bring some documents to the third sister. I dawned on me that the mother never fails to dangle the idea of food in her every invite. Am I that simpleminded?!

Well you did find yourself in her dining table, did you not?” came an answer.

A family dinner on a weekday, how great is that? No sarcasm on this one. This is a rarity for me. I only get to experience this when I visit the hometown. The food in the hometown isn’t as good as the mother’s cooking but the father and the aunts are there. A full family dinner remains a to-do.


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