Been feeling quite productive this week. I’ve managed to update class records – finally! I got through it. “It” pertaining to piles of student outputs submitted in haste.

Even if the afternoons are draining, It feels good, looking at stacks of commented and rated exercises. It feels even better to have stacks of drafts with revision notes you have dealt with. It is during such time when you’re enjoy that sense of accomplishment that you remember other deliverables for the month. And you’re stuck with guilt once more.

This is why there’s usually that feeling of unease when one’s in a really good mood – feeling capable and accomplished. It’s never supposed to be that way. Such thing only happens when one has forgotten the succeeding entries in the never-ending to-do list.

Well on the bright side, at least I’m crossing out entries during – if not nearer – to the original deadlines. That’s enough to make me happy.

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