natural pest control

The afternoon heat left me drained and sleepy. Everything seems a bit foggy. Or maybe that’s just me believing I really should have my eyes checked.

It’s March and the heat’s becoming more intense. A colleague relayed PAGASA’s declaration that it’s summer already. The wind outside offers to comfort because with it is dust, small powdery dust so one ends up with irritated eyes and raspy palms. The air conditioning unit seems to be struggling. Every once in a while, it feels like we’re going for a takeoff with the sound it makes.

I do not how we managed to process our lessons in school back in the elementary and high school days. I’m just thankful I have no class scheduled for this time of the day. It definitely be challenging. Even with the ACUs, I wouldn’t blame the student if they are not as enthusiastic or as active in the discussions. Even I would have difficulty processing. It manageable of course. It would just be more challenging.

But what would I remember this day for is finding a cat on top of the one of the office shelves. You could imagine our surprise when we noticed a ball of fur uncurl. At first (and to my horror), I thought it was a large rodent Рnot that it would surprise us office mates  anymore. Instead, it was  our natural pest control Рthe cat. It seemed irritated that our the sound of our chat disrupted its sleep.

Taking all its time, it stretch made a scratching post out of the office mate’s old cork board, leaped from its nook, and made its way to the door purring lazily – all this while the office mate stood fixed in disbelief. I now get how cat owners say it’s the cat that really owns the house. I thought it was just a Garfield thing.

We were seriously considering to keep the cat to deal with the rat situation. My corner was clear of the usual remains of their scavenge – such a relief. I’m loving that cat.