reads: chasing harry winston

Finished some light reading on a Saturday afternoon courtesy of Booksale Los Baños. I was near giving up on finding a  low-cost read and then I saw this cover and a familiar author. Got two hard bound books for less than a hundred and free back issue of a magazine – which turned out to be the issue I was looking for 😀 Left the store feeling lucky – even if that meant two thick books added to the groceries and two other books (the required readings) I carried.

It’s a feel good, empowered career women story. Just the sort of reading weekend afternoons can be reserved for. It’s not a required read.  I just needed some help with the brands and the names. Thankfully, my office mates were of great help with that.

It was Monday when I realized, I never really thought of the title as I read the novel. It was only then – more than an entire day after reading the book – that I figured out what it meant. Dimwit.