Sunday serene

It’s a pretty tranquil Sunday afternoon. I can actually hear birds chirping from outside the window. There’s no noisy neighbors. I could hear the breeze and the palms swaying. Why can’t every day be like this?

I’m through with the weekend cleaning and has started with the student feature stories. This is my few minutes break.

Rested, relaxed, and peaceful. It’s not supposed to feel that way. I still have my backlog and my research proposal (the things I was supposed to finish in February) and I really don’t have much right to feel relaxed. But I am. So I guess I’ll just enjoy it for now. There’s no use worrying over things one will definitely deal with later. There’s no escaping them. To worry and be anxious – that’s too easy. I can get back to that mode easily.

But right now, for some reason unknown to me, I found some peace – on a Sunday afternoon with the birds chirping.




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