back to high school jots

Blame it on the rain – or the songs that the office mate plays at the office – or random office conversations or the hormones during PMS – or me escaping my research proposal – found myself in pagdadrama slash poor-attempt-at-emo-writing  mode.

It was easier to write things as such back in high school. Plus, it was acceptable to be mushy, corny – the  high school cliché at that age. So if you’re the one to gag at poor-attempt-at-emo-writing, consider yourself warned 😀

It’s been years since I lost myself

In every crowd I search for your face

It’s like breathing

It’s like breathing

I don’t even have to have to do it

It’s just something I can’t help myself with

Just can’t stop looking for the thing I lost

And I  lost me when I lost you.

Should have been there

Should’ve been you

Thought less of me

And cared more for you.

There is no “me” right now

Empty nothingness is all you’d find

And so I search for you

I search for you

That’s all I can do

For you

For me

For what was.


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