got what I wished for

Not really happy about that.

It was only last Thursday when I shared my neighbor dilemma to friends. The noise, ungodly hour gatherings, cussing, and loud conversations – which may or may not have been induced by alcohol.

I’ve been living in peace for the past four years and never – NEVER have I been forced to stay up all night – until morning – because of inconsiderate loud neighbors who seem to favor unusually loud chats at one until about four in the morning.

It doesn’t happen every day. Still, it would help if people read contracts or just be considerate enough. People organize gatherings. Even an antisocial person recognizes that need. The old neighbors hold parties but they consciously end it at about midnight. Some people have to sleep too. I have great respect for these kind of people.

What I don’t understand are the kind that do not take the responsibility for their loud visitors and who are unmindful of other people who are  paying for the peace and quiet that they used to get from this apartment compound.

The previous conversations were of nonsensicality so I asked that at least they may find a more sensible topic to talk loudly about. Last night, they did. I could have taken the minutes of their informal meeting. That would have been a more efficient use of my time since their 1am meeting won’t allow me to sleep.

So I go to work with this head throbbing from lack of sleep, drained from forcing myself to get that darn sleep, and frustrated that there would be people – who seem to be managing a student organization! – with this level of inconsideration.

To be fair, they did talk about something of sense – relatively.


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