Work has become less a bother. I’m more concerned about finishing the City Hunter series I have started. Work is from 8 am to 5 pm. After 5  pm, I’m free to do  the things I want to do.

There will always we tasks I have to do. The work hours are reserved for that. Right now, being able to do something you want to – staring at the ceiling just for the sake of doing nothing – is something I find fulfilling. It’s not everyday I get the time to do that.

Maybe I’m just being lazy. Maybe this is something temporary. Whatever this state is, I’m appreciating it at the moment. I’m not as tired or stressed or burned out. I get to look forward going to work so I can finish the day’s tasks and go home and enjoy hours of Asian series.

There’s less worry or dread over things I have to complete and deliver for the day or the next. It’ll all work out in the end – somehow. Worrying’s a waste of time and so is dread.

Right now, this is a good thing.



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