much needed push

I only need to think about my thesis and my adviser appears in the next few seconds. No joke there. Even my cognate adviser appeared reminding me to get some work done.

Fate frowns upon this lack of development in my masters research and so I found myself in a thesis conversation with my adviser. There’s a project I can work on and design  research around. The project has a tight work schedule and the data gathering is to be done this summer. I am to finish my report within the next semester. Fast paced, strict deadlines, and reduced cost (for me) – plus I get to make better use of my summer.

For the first few minutes, I tried to figure out if this development was a good thing. It was. It is. Definitely. I’m deeply grateful.

Although Fate has some twisted sense of humor, She does make sure one’s in the right tract – at the right pace 😀


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