i never learn

Well that certainly wasn’t the best way to start the week.

I missed the flag ceremony. My first in the past five years that I’ve worked here. Three alarm settings and an early evening wasn’t enough to get me out of bed in time. I’d like to blame the bed weather we’ve been having since the weekend. I kept hoping it would rain as I pressed snooze. That’s never a good sign that one would be on time for anything. Still, found myself crawling back under the covers.

The rain I’ve been hoping for came later that morning. I look forward to the day I’ll manage to overcome the laziness to bring an umbrella. I needed to make a dash under the now steady drizzle – twice this morning. It wasn’t raining when I left the building although, I should have known better than go out without an umbrella or even jacket.

I did bring an umbrella to the office. I just forgot to bring it with me as I dealt with some work in another building and when I went to get lunch. Two separate free showers in half a day only hours in between.

Too slow. Too lazy. Too stubborn. There’s always an excuse not to bring the umbrella. Or maybe, there’s something I find delightful in being under the rain – so long as the laptop remains protected.


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