an attempt at feeling productive

I didn’t really finish any task today. Well, except paying the water bill. Talk about feeling unproductive. I did work today. I just wasn’t able to complete the tasks. That means no crossed out entry in the to-do list.

I went home feeling miserable and then, I noticed that it wasn’t raining. I could jog tonight. At least that would be doing something.

I hurriedly changed and prayed that rain would come later – much, much later tonight. I needed to get used to this pair of running shoes. Making sure I set the pedometer properly this time, I started the walk to the field.

I curse myself for not wearing the leggings tonight. It was freezing cold. The occasional winds brought shivers to this jacket clad – and fat reserve encased – body. Although, the evening cool was a good motivation to keep moving. One just needed to be careful on slippery parts of the track. It isn’t the friendliest route for the shoes but it’s the most well-lit slash secure course.

I’m happy I’m getting better pace. Although, I was two rounds short. I’ll do better next time.

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