a waste of time

A whole afternoon cooped up.

It was a very enlightening afternoon. Yet, I cannot help but think about the things I could have been doing as I was learning more about this subject I’ll be working on in the next months. I had promised to return a draft later this evening. I’m starting to doubt I can keep that one.

I would have gotten my laptop did the editing as I listened. I would be more productive. That would, however, look impolite to the people who have also devoted their time to focus on the subject at hand.

In between processing the information, making inquiries, I found a few minutes thinking about what better titles the drafts can have, what information could be included in the writeup, or how the laid out pages would look like – as I stared at the few pages of handouts and readings I held.

A few years in the work has somehow provided the training to listen to the main discussion while we listen to the questions/concerns raised on the side, providing responses – answers or agreements to the side questions – as we formulate  questions to be settle later – all these while reading documents, taking note of points for clarification and suggestions for improvement. Somewhere during this course of time, come thoughts on what one could have been doing as one sat and listened. One computes on current finances, worry about the next pay, checks and replies to received text messages.

And all that time, one remains convinced s/he’s wasting time.

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