sisterly lunch

“Ma’am, may darating pa po?” The waiter gestured towards the empty seat beside the second sister with the inquiry on how many people will be joining our table. He needed to know how many plates he’ll be bringing to the table.

The second sister can only shake her head while the eldest sister and I wore the widest grins we could manage, stretching those facial muscles to the limit. After the waiter left, we all burst out laughing. The question was logical. The pizza-pasta set we ordered was supposed to be “good for 5-6 persons” – with an additional platter of pasta. There’s only three of us in the booth 😀

There was a few seconds of embarrassment when the table near ours ordered the same set. There was about six people seated in their booth. We couldn’t help another wave of laughter.

I love these moments. The spending-time-with-the-sisters part more than the eating-for-free aspect of it. I wish the third sister could have been there. Well, we can leave for next time. Another reason to have that after lunch lunch once more. What made this lunch more special is that the third sister opted to spend her afternoon with the eldest sister and I instead of her friends. Call me selfish but I loved that 😀

And no, we didn’t get to finish everything we ordered. Such a great way to end this four-day summer vacation.


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