Not a week passes without seeing ghosts of that profile, of that face. One walks alongside the past –  hazy, blurry memories of awkwardness and suppressed delight – clips of memories fading with time.

Lost in a blue handkerchief portal of what used to be. Loneliness kept clear. It was awkward. It was a struggle, keeping everything I wanted to say and do. I was new at this. I am new at this. Teach me. Some hope. Happier days.

It’s amazing how one could last keeping a rock company. I’m thankful one managed to stay even for a while. Every attempt to connect was and is greatly appreciated. Perhaps, not in the way one would expect it to be expressed. Darn rock. It never can respond without over thinking things. Stupid rock. It kept still when it should have responded. It kept quiet when it should have uttered those words.

Damned rock. It sided with pride when it should have rolled after that which mattered.


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