dream date

Got an early visit from the third sister. She needed a workplace.

Playing such a lousy host, I got back to catching up with sleep. It was challenging to get some sleep in the 12-hour bus ride back to Los Baños. My jacket did little help to deal with the ACU blast. This is what I get for complaining about the almost non-operational bus ACU from the previous bus trip.

Barely processing, I helped her with the setup and managed a few responses. I don’t even remember what we discussed and then I was off to dreamland. I did wake up noting her struggle with the door locks. She need to go out to process something. She even offered to buy me lunch. Talk about guilt trip.

Summer is here. No doubt about that. Noon in this apartment is not that bearable. After a few considerations, we were off to the mall in the nearest city. Finally, we’d be able to watch The Hunger Games on its last week. What I love about the third sister is that money will always be wisely spent. No unnecessary purchases.

Some time, we’ll have date – all four of us in a movie screening, dinner, and some coffee or drink sessions. That would be nice. The challenge is in finding the common time with one of us working a region away and the schedule. That date will take place one of these days.



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