i’m blaming earphones/headphones

It takes several evenings of overnight conversations and drink sessions in the next unit to muster enough irritation to talk with the neighbor.

God, that felt good.

I’m not even sure if this is a new neighbor but he’s not much different from the previous one. Last night offered not much sleep because of a louder than normal conversation which lasted until about two am or perhaps later.

Last night’s gathering involved a group with this female constantly spitting out curses. I don’t have a problem with how much once swears or how long the neighbors talk – as long as I don’t lose any sleep from it.

I don’t know why there’s that need to top each others volume every time a new sentence starts. Are you in a crowd? It an ungodly hour and there’s not much noise except your group. Where’s the need for that level of volume?

Is it indicative of damaged eardrums that these generation talk loudly by default?  There’s this study on the prevalence of damaged eardrums as an effect of  prolonged exposure to high volume earphones/headphones use.

Or perhaps, it’s a simple as not reading the contract for the apartment.


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