my turn

All three advisees have completed their manuscript. Now, I can deal with mine. At least I thought I could.

I still had a 100-page souvenir program to layout. I don’t know how I’ll mange to complete that one given the materials submitted so far.

Still, there’s no excuse for not submitting a draft on the April 10 deadline. I’m looking forward to really focus on this research. In a week’s time I’ll be able to do that. Communication books are becoming staples in table. Most days, they remain unread. I could always blame this other task but that wouldn’t be fair. It’s just how I manage my time. Doing the best I can while staying sane. It’s slow but at least there’s something happening. (That won’t do. Yeah, I know that.)

At least, the advisees are okay. That’s one worry cleared. I’ll just have to complete the souvenir program and I’ll be able to put more time into my own research proposal. (I think I also wrote something to this effect last year? Just with different tasks.)


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