off to fetch the mother

I prepared a list. It was quite a humble list of things I needed.

Come evening I wondered where I had misplaced that list. I did get a few  things not indicated in the list. What remained would barely make me survive the week until the next pay day. This is what Divisoria does to me.

The main itinerary for the day was really to fetch the mother form the airport late in the afternoon. It just so happened that the van rental is for an entire day so we thought about making the most of the van rental – courtesy of the mother’s finances of course 😀

This Divisoria trip has become a habit every time we meet the mother at the airport. One could imagine how eager we’d be to welcome the mother back to the country.

The eyes hurt from working for this layout for a university event. I was not to miss a family event over this things. I could go on about the delays and problems with this task but in the end, it’ll just be me that’d take all the blame for this one. There’s a lot of things to rant about (and I do rant – in my head. It’s painful to listen to all that screaming in there.) but I’d rather focus on the things I appreciate. If I am to choose to prioritize, work will have to leave the top spot.

The thing with these relatively long trips is that I get to think. It may be nonsense but at least I’m not worrying as  much with the next task to deal with. By the time we’ve passed SLEX, I realized I’m tired. I’ve been tired for a long time. I am irritated. That I wanted to scream, to rant, to cry, to do nothing – and I’ve putting these all off because there’s a task to complete for the next few hours. I’m tired. The lower back’s killing me. The right shoulder, arm, and hands are getting numb  but one can’t stop work or my thesis because of that. I know, this work will not pay the hospital bills if I do develop something serious slash pricey treatment/medication. That’s such a depressing thought. I cannot have a day to do all the things I wanted to do – but I can get a few hours, a few moments everyday to that. Perhaps, I should just be more conscious about taking a moment to think about the day aside from crossing out to-dos and sulking over work backlog.

All these negative thoughts dispersed upon arrival at 168 Mall 😀 A quick trip to Tabora, Divisoria Mall, and we spent most of the afternoon at 168 Mall.

I get to enjoy Wendy’s frosty and indulge at the food center – at least at the earlier part of the day. The entire afternoon was be spent worrying about how I’d survive the next days and justifying all the purchases.

The trip back home was a struggle between listening to the mother’s updates and sleep. All the late hours completing that layout has to have some effect.

It all ends with a hearty dinner 😀 A great day. Went home feeling bloated. I need that jog.



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