glad to be done. on with the next.

Another 92 pages down.  This kept me up at night until early morning (aside from the late night to morning loud conversations next door) for the past two weeks.

I was working on the layout en route to Divisoria. I was hoping I could finish it last Saturday. Hah! Who was I kidding. In the end, everything worked fine (so far). I received the files and was able to include the photos, messages, and reflections from another college. That’s one good thing I got from the delay.

It’s finally sent to the printing press. Sending the file proved to be a test of patience. The last few hours were the longest hours of waiting I did for this publication.

Before the work day ended, I did manage to send the necessary file to the printing press. I just hope they deliver it in time for Friday evening’s event.

Hitting send (and not getting a mailer demon notification after a few minutes) gave me such relief. It’s up to the printing press now. I’m looking forward to getting a copy of the hardcopy.

Now, time to focus on the research proposal.


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