It’s the calm after the storm.

I’m taking a few hours panic-free to enjoy a conversation without having to stare at the screen while talking to someone else in the room. I’m savoring these moments when I get to sit back and watch people down the park suffering under the summer heat.

The day didn’t start this way. It was a frantic morning. I failed to wake up and work on the interview guide for my research. Our meeting was scheduled at 9am. That was why I was already at the office at 7am. When I need something done, I just need to have an early start. I’ve been having an early start since the week before last.

I was to present the one-page outline and the interview guide in the 9am meeting with my adviser and committee members. The meeting started late so I was able to consult with with my committee members about the outline and the interview guide.

Now I have the pile of five-page, four-part interview guide stacked with the readings for the research. Interview guide copies for other study site groups have been distributed. The meeting’s over. This is for real! I am really working on my research. Tomorrow, we leave for Iloilo for the pretest of the interview guide.

I’m over with waiting at the bank. Settled payments. Through with the printing press concerns (Let that be really over!). I have a few more hours before I claim a week’s laundry and start packing for tomorrow.

I’m loving today’s planner entry.

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