Destination: Day 1/3 Iloilo City

Woke up at about three in the morning to prepare for the flight. My first Philippine Airlines flight 😀 (It’s always been the promo flights at Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines.)

I just had to look for Oble in Iloilo 😀

It’s Day 1 of field work. We went straight to the provincial office of the Department of Agriculture Crops Division to make the initial inquiries and arrangements. The DA office was in the port area.

On the other side of the street, stalls had piles of oysters at noon time.

By noon, we were through with the inquiries and arrangements. The coordinator has been very helpful.

As requested by my adviser, we took note of the location of the newest (and largest) SM branch. (They have three SM branches here!?)

It was about 2 pm when we managed to get some lunch at the hotel restaurant. Got some supplies in the afternoon at the Robinsons Mall nearby. Experienced the long wait at the CD-R King store for an audio recorder and an SD card (stupid me forgot to check if the recorder I brought had memory in it).

It was quite a productive day.


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