Destination: Day 2/3 Iloilo City and Sara

It’s Day 2 of the Iloilo City trip for the data gathering. Yesterday, we’ve made all the arrangements for the trip to Sara.

The day’s itinerary started with returning to the airport to meet the consultants of the study. From the airport, it was more than a two-hour van ride to Sara.

On the way to Sara, I couldn’t help but notice how big the sky seemed. It seemed to stretch endlessly. Back in Los Baños, there’s always a mountain framing the sky. Even in Bacacay, there were always mountains that break the sky span – and there’s never this much clouds.

We arrived at about two in the afternoon. We met with an organized group of farmers and facilitated the pretest (well, they did 😀  I was taking photos and took care of audio and video recording).

At about 5 pm, we were on our way back to Iloilo City. It amazing to see communication experts at work – to think that they didn’t even have time to rest after their trip. Even during the ride to Sara and to Iloilo City, the time was efficiently used.

Fish ponds stretch on the left side of the road as we make our way back to Iloilo City.

At the back of the van, I kept a grin. So this is what fieldwork’s like. It’s no extreme fieldwork. We didn’t get to go into the mountains or upland farms. I’m grateful I get to do some field work for the summer – and get inputs for my thesis.


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