Destination: Day 3/3 Iloilo City

We just could not leave Iloilo with sampling the Batchoy. The restaurant at the airport was our last chance for the batchoy. For P120, it was a good serving. The place looked quite pricey from the decor and location (airport restaurants are not really known for reasonable prices). The prices were reasonable, we found. I’ll definitely go back if I’m in the area.

We spent the earlier half of the day at SM Iloilo searching for a The Original Biscocho Haus stall. The woman at the information desk and the female security guard was very helpful to the clueless and direction challenged local tourists 😀 Found the stall in front of Mc Donalds and National Bookstore. While waiting for the rest of the group, I’ve managed to get a new notebook from the National Bookstore. (Still justifying the price of the thing.)

It was nearly midnight when we arrived in Los Baños. It’s back to work on Monday.


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