Day 1/2 PPI National Press Forum

It was an early start to Traders Hotel, the venue of this year’s Philippine Press Institute (PPI) National Press Forum.

I guess the most interesting part of the day was observing the Presidential Security Group (PSG) make the preparations and secured the venue before the president was ushered in. A whole morning (perhaps more) of preparation for a few minutes speech. I guess that’s the job. Even during the president’s speech, I could not help but observe how the PSG positioned themselves in strategic areas and communicated with the rest of the group.

I did get to witness  Secretary Coloma’s straightforward introduction of the President. That was the most concise introduction I’ve heard.

In his talk, President Aquino called on the Philippine media to “clarify before broadcast” and to  provide more balanced reports “para maiangat ang uri ng ating demokrasya”  (to improve the quality of the country’s democracy). He asked the press to focus not only on the negative stories but also the positive ones. The President cited articles from Newsweek and Time, noting that the foreign  publications cover the Philippine progress more than  the local media.

He emphasized the importance of and asked the media to observe:

  1. katapatan sa katotohanan
  2. pantay na pagsusuri
  3. … makakabuti sa karamihan
In less than an hour, the President was escorted to his next appointment and the forum continued. This time, with less tension and blinding lights. 
Coffee was highly appreciated towards the end of the afternoon.

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