a pleasant jeepney ride

It’s rare for one to share a jeepney ride with a  bunch of good-natured individuals. It was a nice welcome to Los Baños after a sleepless night in Manila. The driver felt lucky that he managed to fill his jeepney after chancing upon three buses.

The passengers were mostly incoming freshmen students in the University accompanied by their parents and a few university employees that the driver knew. People smiled at the passengers across them and received nods and smiles in return. The jeep was full but not cramped. Polite words and words of thanks were exchanged as fares/change were passed to and from the diver and passengers.

In my five years of stay here in Los Baños, this morning’s jeepney ride has got to be the most pleasant jeepney ride I have taken. You arrive at your stop too soon. You leave with a smile. And for a few minutes, you forget that you haven’t slept in the past 24 hours – and that you’re suffering from a hangover.

I guess I should be taking earlier jeepney rides to work.


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