nine years

The eldest niece just graduated from high school. How fast time passes. She’s nine years younger than me. God, I feel old. I don’t think of it as a bad thing though.

Moments like these just makes one realize how much time had passed – and how much things have changed. The first time I met the niece, I was nine years old and she was barely a month old. I wore this flower printed corduroy red and black dress to the eldest sister’s wedding. I didn’t really have a say in that. Now she’s my height (okay, maybe taller) and she’s starting college next semester.

I can see how proud the eldest sister and the brother-in-law are. They should be. It’s such an achievement. It’s the perfect gift for their 12th anniversary this May.

Lunch at Bonitos and dinner at Isdaan. I should say, the family’s leveling up in terms of celebrations. It’s about time 😀

Bonitos is a great place for family gatherings. Great food. Good range of items offered in the menu. Reasonable prices. Good service. Highly recommended.

Isdaan offers several opportunities for taking photos. Go there for the ambiance. The 6 pm show’s a plus. Overpriced food (- and water). Not so great service (especially for the price). Do not wear heels. I’m not that enthusiastic to go back.


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