agua de mayo

It’s a holiday!

I’m spending the Labor Day in bed – with what feels like disconnected joints and some brain-steaming fever. Food wasn’t much of a problem. I didn’t really have the appetite for anything. Everything was board for the taste buds. Water was the only thing that brought some comfort. Lots of it.

Managed to slip into sleep after hours of attempt. The agua de Mayo, first rain drops of May came a little late I guess. The first drops fells when I was asleep. Even if I were awake, I doubt I’d have the energy to go out in the rain. Agua de Mayo’s supposed to keep one away from being sick. We used to wait for the first raindrops of May when we were kids. Even the elders encouraged us to play under the rain as long as it was agua de Mayo.

I missed it. I’ll take that as not a good sign.

I cannot be sick. We were to visit the wake of a college friend’s father tomorrow. One has to understand I’m not a very friendly person. I have very few friends. These people are the few individuals who can stand me being me. I value these people greatly (in my own not-so-obvious/you’ll-never-really-notice kind of way.) Me being sick will not make me miss this rare get together – although I do hope the next meeting would be more celebratory in mood.

Still dreading the possibility of chicken pox. I’m visualizing my brain as isaw. It does feel like it being cooked in there. I’m drowning in water still there’s that heat (and pain) coming from the body. How can one be this thirsty?

I’m certainly welcoming Mayo with agua. Liters of it. What I’d do for a large pack of ice right now.

Such a great way to welcome May.


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