Destination: La Funeraria Paz – Sucat

Another opportunity to work on my commute skills. We’re to figure out how to go to the La Funeraria Paz in Manila Memorial Park.

Google maps are no help to me. I process in terms of bus routes and jeepney stops. I dread any pedestrian crossing. I love the overpass. The MRT, I’ve just recently gained great appreciation for. I have yet to try the LRT (a great cause for embarrassment, I am aware).

The survey in the immediate environment’s always the best start – so it was Google. Got a few landmarks from blog sites. There’s this kid who did some cemetery-hopping in Manila. Interesting. Why didn’t I think of that?

The best source would be the college driver. He was very patient in explaining the routes and stops to this poor commuter.

From Los Baños, one is to take the Alabang bus that passes along the National Highway. Have the conductor drop you of at the South Station in Alabang. From the South Station, look for the jeepneys bound for Sucat. Once you’ve reached the “rotunda” (the rotunda is triangular in shape. You’ll know you’re there if you notice several jeepneys parked with Sucat signs).

On the side of the rotunda, there’s a Baclaran bound jeepney. This will pass through the Manila Memorial Park. Kindly ask the driver to drop you off the “Manila Memorial”. You’ll have to cross the highway. The memorial park is on the other side of the road.

On the way back, take the jeepney to Sucat. You’ll be dropped off in a different area (or perhaps I was just disoriented). No rotunda in sight. But there will be jeepneys bound for Alabang. From Alabang, take a bus bound for Calamba. From Calamba, take the bus bound for Sta. Cruz (which passes SM Calamba’s alternate route to Los Baños) or the jeepney with UP College signs.


It was nice to catch up with these people. It makes one wonder why we don’t have the get together that often. Then again, maybe it’s because of the rareness of the moment that we get to appreciate it better.

The mother and the visiting aunt disallowed the visit to the wake. Some superstition about the sick visitors following the spirits of the dead to the grave. I’d feel that I’m nearer to the grave if I miss this visit. And it’s a little unfair to blame the dead, really now.

I left Los Baños at 2:30pm and got back at about 10pm. It was time well spent. I do admit I’m feeling no better than yesterday. It was best that I spent the night at the mother’s place. Ah, the comforts of air conditioning. I should really start saving up for one.


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