Day 1 of 5: Typhoid Treatment

I was given two options. One would be to take oral antibiotics (Php 35) two to three times a day for ten days. The second option was a five-day treatment for antibiotics that would be injected once a day (Php 3,000/shot).

To take the first option would cost less that one shot of the five-day treatment. As we sat for the consultation with the doctor, I was sure I won’t have the Php 15,000 for the antibiotics. Not to mention the professional fee, the room costs, and the other costs after being admitted to the hospital. So the sister and I bought the medicine for the ten-day treatment. This happened at about 9pm.

About five hours ago, the I bumped into the eldest sister and the second niece at the nearby convenience store. She knew I was sick but of nothing serious until she noted the rash in my arms. She opened the possibility of measles. I didn’t really know if that would be better or worse than the chicken pox I just had last summer.

The mother ordered a check up after dinner. We were scheduled to have a weekend trip and I opened the possibility that I may not be ft for travel. Darn, one of the few chances I get to have a sponsored vacation and I get sick. Some luck I have.

Two hours in the emergency room (not the best place to be in) and we were informed that the typhoid test was positive. I paid Php 300 for the doctor to read to me the result of a Php 1,000 typhoid test. That’s Php 1,300 and I haven’t even bought the meds. At least, it wasn’t smallpox or measles. Typhoid’s new in my list.  The third sister was with me the whole time.  It gave me great comfort.

The call came at around 11pm. I was just preparing my antibiotics and paracetamol tablets  for the evening and the next day. The painkillers, I’ll do without. Although the capsules were within reach – just in case. It was the third sister on the other line. The mother said I am to be admitted for the five-day antibiotics treatment.

I called the mother to clarify that the expenses may balloon – hoping that she’ll be discouraged by the cost. She wasn’t. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy about that. A five-day stay in an air conditioned room seemed comfortable in this summer heat. I’m happy. It’d be better than to stay in the apartment. I don’t get to stay in the pricey room with the TV and fridge. That’d be too much.

Got the first shot of the antibiotics at about midnight. Thank goodness I’m not  allergic to the antibiotics. I found that I have no room mate yet. Selfishly, I hoped I would have no room mate for the next five days 😀

Four more days to go. Somehow, I’m not expecting sleep tonight. I haven’t been getting any sleep lately.

I must save up for next summer hospital bills. It’s becoming an annual thing. I’m wondering what it would be for next summer. I’m just lucky to have a sponsor for this year – and I’m free from spots.


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