Day 2 of 5. Typhoid Treatment

It’s the first morning spent at the hospital. Breakfast was a salty pancit bihon with pandesal, which was okay for a hospital food.

I should have been listening to student speeches as I have indicated on the planner but here I am spending the day waiting for my second antibiotic injection and the Php1000-worth doctor’s visit – which takes less than five minutes.

Five days is longer than I thought. This, I realized ten hours after I got admitted to the hospital. I didn’t really get any sleep last night. I was too afraid of accidentally scratching the needle inserted at the back of my hand.

At least the fever is gone. That’s a great relief. The previous evenings were torture. I’d have this severe head pounding and complicated dream-like plots. It seemed that in a dreamlike state, I keep worrying greatly about things that are really fiction or not my concern. And there’s that heat that make one wonder if it’s a preview of what hell has to offer. That would be a good motivation to be on the good side.

Came morning, I had bloated fingers on my left hand. I couldn’t make a fist. If I stuck a needle in one of them, it seemed like the finger would explode. The nurse explained that it was nothing to be worried about. However, she clarified that if I did feel pain where the needle was inserted, I should call their attention. The room buzzer wasn’t working by the way. I know it’s no private suite but pressing that button should have made someone check on the room.

The greatest challenge when attached to the dextrose is changing one’s shirt. I’m counting the hours when I could change shirts within half a minute. Talk about being incapacitated.

The third sister kept me company. The second aunt also dropped by to let the third sister take a rest at home. The aunt left after a couple of hours and I was left  alone in search for a newspaper. I’m that boring a company. I was trying to catch up on sleep since I didn’t get any last night.

The search for the newspaper took hours. I kept busy writing nonsense and keeping track of the number of blood tests, dextrose pack change, and tablets and capsules I have taken.

So far, Day 2 was okay. I didn’t need to use the laptop for movies. I’m not that bored yet. I can still manage to think of all the things I should be doing – but not able to – while I wait for time to pass. Some time near the end of the day, I’ve given up worrying about the work that would pile during the five-day forced break.

Since the mother is paying for the hospital bills, I though might as well enjoy the air-conditioned stay in the hospital and give up on worry. There’s really nothing I can do about it.


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