Day 3 of 5. Typhoid Treament

I’m starting to hate needles – and those little glass tubes.

Perhaps I’m just more irritable because of being cooped in the hospital. Blood’s been collected two to three time a day because of the Dengue, hematocrit, and the complete blood tests (if there’s some overlap there, I wouldn’t know).

The nurse was applying more pressure to get some blood out of my finger tips. Felt sorry for that one. The finger not the nurse. The blood sample collection for the complete blood test’s more of a challenge. It’s not really that feeling of cold metal piercing through the skin but seeing my blood fill about half of that small glass tube. I can’t even remember what type of Typhoid I tested positive for. I just know it’s not the more serious kind. The irresponsible patient, I am.

The left hand’s swollen. I believe it would remain that way in the next two days. The figures are increasing. The mother would have a great time dealing with the bills 😀

I so feel like a daughter.





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