Day 5 of 5. Typhoid Treatment

The longest part of the five-day stay in the hospital.

I just want to be out of here. Although, I’d miss the room air conditioning. I just want to be in the apartment and sleep. I want to check my work table for new deliverables. I want to my left hand to tie my hair properly.

We waited for the doctor for some time. I’m not sure about the number of hours but it was a loooong time for me. It was that long of a wait that when he attempted to crack a joke, I offered no polite (slash pretend) chuckle or smile. For a thousand I day, we wait for the doctor who seemed to have no scheduled rounds. He would not inform us hen he’d drop by the next day. Plus he really has this not-so-likable secretary. That secretary needs some serious training on customer relations.

There’s no chance the mother would let me go back to my apartment tonight. That’s not really bad thing. I get to enjoy her bedroom’s air conditioning 😀


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