freedom, finally

Got discharged from the mother’s care. That took some scheming but I was not about to spend another day away from the apartment (and the office).

Went to the office and was relieved to find no notes or tasks I need to deal with. Somehow, being in the place made everything more normal. Being in the hospital for five days disrupted my routine, a source of some sense of stability. I just had to sit in this familiar chair and read about what happened in the past week. I’ll deal with hospital related concerns tomorrow. I have to.

There’s still that sense of things being a bit off. One becomes more aware of how one’s body reacts to certain things. The body is weak and weary but being in the workplace helped ease the worry that’s been building up in the past week.

Most people thought I was on a vacation when I did not report for work. Others thought I was dealing with the data gathering of my thesis. I wish. It did seem like a break from work. Only this time, I had to not work because I couldn’t. Even changing shirts was a challenge.


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