Destination: PhilHealth Office – Calamba

It’s the first day back to normalcy.

Spent most of the morning dealing with Philhealth concerns in Calamba. I had to complete everything before noon. I’m glad I managed to.

From Olivarez, ride a bus that passes by Mayapa Checkpoint (20Php). The eldest sister said I should take the Alabang bound bus. I’m not sure if other buses pass Mayapa Checkpoint. Just request Manong Konduktor to drop you off the Checkpoint.

The PhilHealth office is at the third floor of Paseo de Uno de Calamba. You can see the building sign from where you’ll be dropped off. You’ll pass a short Mayapa Bridge and you’ll need to cross to the other side of the road.

PhilHealth Calamba occupies a large part of the third floor of the building. You can take the stairs or the elevator to the office. You’ll have to take the stairs for the exit.

Make sure you have a photocopy of a valid ID and your PhilHealth ID before you approach the Information Desk. They’ll ask for your concern, have you sign their logbook, attach a form you’ll need to fill out, and direct you to your transaction window. The guards are polite and accommodating and the service is fast. Just make sure you have the necessary requirements.

To get back to Los Baños, just take the jeep bound for Crossing. After reaching Crossing, make your way to the alternate route at the side of SM Calamba to wait for airconditioned buses going to Sta. Cruz. The bus fare to College (UP Los Baños) from Calamba is 20 Php.

It took me less than three hours to complete the morning’s tasks.


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