just thankful

I’ve forgotten how great Fridays are. Looking forward to the weekend, making a mental list of movies/series for some viewing marathon, and hitting the mall for possible new reads.

Last Friday, I was on Day 2 of 5 of the typhoid antibiotics treatment in the hospital. There wasn’t much to do. I’m starting to doubt if I’m really as antisocial as I thought I was. Being linked to the dextrose does make one feel down, and to a point, incapacitated – and depressed. You only have to look at the daily bill updates from the accounting office and wince during the collection of blood samples. Add to those the sight of swollen fingers (I can’t even make a fist with my left hand). The nurse said it had something to do with the IV. The hand looked like a purplish glove with water.

Today, being out of the hospital is enough a gift – even better that I’m able to get back to work and regain some sense of independence.

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