Friday eve

Just got back from the mother’s place. I was summoned for dinner. That means free food while I listen to her week’s worth of stories. I did bring some desserts. The mother basically needs an audience. That’d be us. It’s actually easy to do. All I need to do is to agree to everything she says, nod, and urge her to tell more stories. Compared to what she has done for me, this is nothing. In a while, I’ll be back at the apartment.

I have waited for this Friday evening. This is my favorite part of the week. Enjoying a Friday evening means I have survived yet another week. I also get to look forward to sleeping late tomorrow or a trip to the mall or an entire afternoon watching movies/series. I’ll have more time tomorrow since I’ve dealt with cleaning the apartment and the laundry,

I don’t have to set the alarm or prepare for the afternoon classes we’re handling. More importantly, it’s nice to look at the planner and see everything that you’ve managed to complete for the week – then of course there’s the backlog but I can put off worrying about that until Sunday night 😀



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