missing Pa

I finally managed to watch this movie – more than a week after it hit the theaters. Entered the cinema early to catch the trailers. I got a seat beside this family of about seven including the grandparents. My seat mate was the grandpa. He had the same lanky built as the father. It made me wonder when I’ll ever attend a screening with the father.

It should be a James Bond film though. There’s nothing else that would make him make that extra effort to travel 45 minutes and let his daughter pay a hundred and something for.

I’m supposed to focus on the movie but I cannot help but I can’t help but study the family. They were nice and polite. They weren’t noisy or the type to run a commentary during a screening. The grandpa’s reaction to some scenes, I found amusing – especially during the fight and explosion scenes. That’s how the father would react to the same scenes.

I can see why it’s a family movie. One’s supposed to react/respond with someone or argue or catch a family member utter mild profanities in appreciation of certain scenes – and laugh about it after the movie.

I cannot remember the last time I watched a movie with Pa. I do remember that our best movie moment was during the James Bond marathon at Star Movies. Some fathers have basketball or boxing. For Pa, it was James Bond films.  No one could touch the remote then. No one would dare. It’s seldom that the father gets to monopolize the television in the living room. Morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon merienda were all eaten in front of the James Bond then.

This happened a looooong time ago. I wasn’t even in college then.


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