that one Saturday

It would be great if all Saturdays would be like today.

Not possible though, especially on the financial aspect. It was a great day despite the persistent pounding on the left temple. I got to get a new read, enjoy wasting time doing nothing but consuming an overpriced drink, use all my movie and snack coupons, and finally watch The Avengers. The sisters watched the movie during my Day 4 of 5. Typhoid Treatment. I’ve been meaning to save an evening to go to Calamba to watch the movie but the afternoon review sessions just leave me drained at the end of the day.

Once in a while, it’s nice to buy a new book. I hope I get to do this more often. The last new book I bought was Paulo Coelho’s Aleph in December 2011. I’ve wanted to start on Haruki Murakami’s works. A few short stories in an e-book  got me interested. His novels are quite pricey – for a previously-loved book buyer, at least. I settled for Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, a collection of his short stories. Read three stories within 30 minutes of waiting for the next screening. I’d say I’d be saving up for his other books.

I found another notebook. I have been looking for an affordable one with unruled pages. For less than Php80, I found it. It was the odd one in a stack of rule notebooks. I wasn’t even looking for it.

Watching two movies in an afternoon seemed too much. It’s not something I plan to do regularly. It just happened that there’s a new movie I wanted to watch and an old one I could use my movie pass for 😀

It that good of a day that even the Saturday traffic could not ruin it. The usual 45-minute trip took about an hour and a half. I cannot remember how many times I dozed off during that trip.

It’d be nice if there’d be a day like this at least every month. That would be a great help. I guess I’ll have to save up for next month’s one Saturday.


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