Sunday cooking

Finally used the garlic and onion that’s been laying in the wood bowl for the last week (and a half?).

It’s been a long time. Suddenly, I miss the Sundays in the eldest sister’s house when I cooked lunch. I stayed with the eldest sister during my senior year and when I was in my first year at work. It was half a day’s preparation for that Sunday lunch. Lunch would be ready at noon when they arrive from church. Their family is an appreciative bunch.

Cooking for one is no fun. I get a lot of leftovers, which I will be forced to reheat. It’s not as good. Tonight’s dinner will be tomorrow’s breakfast and another meal. I think that was the reason why I stopped cooking for a while. I had to eat the same thing for two days because it’d be such a waste not to – and I’m too lazy to go out and buy the meal.

Garlic bread and fusilli in bacon and garlic sauce.

Had a craving for garlic bread and pasta when I saw pizza at the mother’s table. I dropped by to get the laundry and to spend some time with the mother, the latter being more important. Though, it doesn’t hurt that there’s pizza for their afternoon snack 😀

Darn that pizza. Now I have to sleep in garlic scented apartment – windows opened and space air sprayed. The can says it’s supposed to remind one of the cool mountain breeze. The garlic won.


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