Monday nonsensicality

Got up at 6 am to get that much-needed early start at work. I needed to deal with the day’s deliverables. It was only when I reached the office building when I remembered that we were on a four-day work week. Meaning, the office would be closed today. Great. I’m not even going to ask how I could have forgotten that.

Got through the day fine. Had some decent lunch with the eldest sister and got a free ride to the review class venue, which was so out of the way –  hence the greater appreciation for the eldest sister. This is the second to the last review session. I’m looking forward to having the afternoon to really work on that thing I have to complete before I’d be allowed to register this semester (aka research proposal).

As usual, I got off the review class feeling drained – although it was really the students who endured some higher level intellectual torture in a room with no air-conditioning unit – in this humid summer. I made a mental note to be more grateful that all our college classrooms  have air-conditioning. The heat itself is enough to drain one. What more if one needed to process? Got one remaining session tomorrow – and exercises to correct – and  record – and progress reports to write – and revise… and exercise files to collect and archive… It’s far from finished, I know. Still, I’m thankful I can have one free afternoon before a trip or a training. I’m already looking forward to the weekend. I cannot get enough sleep. Even the usual dose of caffeine’s not helping.

For once, I’m writing an entry not because I’m avoiding another task. I have just sent a revised draft within the day of the deadline before I started writing the entry. Thought that’d be nice for a change.


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