Day 2. GenSan Trip (Koronadal City)

Gotta love Filipino hospitality.

We took the one-hour bus ride from General Santos to Koronadal City to deal with work matters. The person we coordinated with was very accommodating. He even sent us to this store that sold malong. We didn’t really have much to select from but the print designs (and the price) were good.

The malong is a must have for field work. It’s a blanket, a towel, a tapis, a costume, a makeshift covering for changing clothes (among other things), and protection from heat or cold during the travel from one location to the next. My old one got lost somewhere in the process of borrowing and returning and re-borrowing. It’d just be easier to get a new one (or two).



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    1. Sure, no problem. I’d appreciate it if you could cite “rbvillar” as the photo source –no matter how small the font size for credits may be 🙂

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