deal with it

So I had the entire afternoon (and a bit of the evening) to figure out a day’s discussion on using this software – because I had to. I will never give my weekend for this task – which isn’t mine, by the way.

Hell-oh June!

If day one is any indication of how the rest of the month will be like, I’ll be greatly thankful if I remain sane come July.

I have this thing about completing the tasks assigned to one. It’s a matter of professional integrity (I couldn’t find a lighter term). What I’m too stubborn to process is that this professional integrity is not something default in everyone. Five years and I haven’t learned anything. Why keep looking (and expecting to witness) something that hasn’t been there. Hope does have its drawbacks.

I’m glad to have this week over with. This is taking too much time. I’m learning a lot. But it’s not something I’d look forward to experiencing again.

A few more days and it’ll be over.



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