in at 7am

I found myself at the office at seven in the morning.

I’d only be at the office this early if I have something to submit within the next three to four hours.

I did set the alarm so I could work on some proposals. It just didn’t have any effect on me. Froze when I sensed the natural light caught in the curtains. A few seconds processing and I jumped out of bed to rush through breakfast.

At seven in the morning, I sat in front of the computer waiting for the software credits to clear the screen. I did manage to send the files before receiving an inquiry slash reminder. That would really be embarrassing.

There I sat with a self-satisfied smile as I reviewed the files I sent. The smile dropped and then there’s a slight of horror. The covers I sent had the wrong width. “This is what you get when you cram outputs,” came a scolding. I needed to redo the covers. Fortunately, there was time in between the training to deal with the resizing. 


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