what you don’t get to earn

People may have wronged you. They may have acted irresponsibly. They may have been lacking in professionalism. That does not give one the right to treat them impolitely.

One may lose respect. One’s perspective of the person may change. Still, it’s no excuse for the temper, for profanities, for those boorish tendencies. One’s entitled to irritation but do keep it to yourself (- and your select friends).

One may have done more than you should and have taken other others’ responsibilities. That does not entitle one to anything. Dealing with what others in the group failed to do does not give one the right for severe sarcasm.

Deal with your tasks – and whatever’s needed to carry out the greater output. You can opt to be selfless and deal with what’s not being taken cared of. But in doing so, realize this: Never expect to earn anything from the extra work – not appreciation, not recognition, and never the right to be impolite.


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