Made a friend today 😀

It’s a holiday. I got up early. I couldn’t help overhearing the workmen making repairs in one of the apartment units. I didn’t have to wait for the work to start. Their conversation’s enough to keep me awake. Took some time to take in a morning that’s not as hurried as a work day.

I opened the door to let in the morning air (whatever air I can get) and I found  this cute thing lazing under the shade in front of the next unit’s door. I couldn’t resist a wave. If only I was that friendly to humans, I’d make more human friends. The puppy didn’t budge from its place but it did continue to regard me with curiosity.

If only I could appreciate all mornings as I did this morning, I would be full of wonder when I go to work. But that will not happen because I’m usually preoccupied with the day’s deliverables and the things I have to cram that day. Today, there’s a cat making a mess of my neighbor’s trash, scavenging this early. The skies are clear and it’s sunny. The conversation of the workmen I’m now familiar with the details. I was supposed to ask them what happened. I got the answers without bothering them.

I felt a tugging at the bottom of my jogging pants then came a toe licking. I looked down and found a pair of curious eyes I cannot resist. The owner must still be sleeping. This one’s got good training. It had no leash and it never wandered far from their door.

“So this is how you look like,” I thought. “What’s your name?” I whispered, embarrassed to be caught by the workmen talking to the dog.  I’ve heard you a lot of times but this is the first time I’ve met you. It looks like the introduction is basically letting it playfully gnaw your hands then another set of licking.

I never got its name.

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