Saturday work(out)

Balancing six file boxes about two-thirds your height (and lunch – paper bag and drink) along Grove does earn you  some curious glances (okay, even stares). It was the warm up needed for the next hours.

Last night, a friend’s decision to do some cleaning at the office during the weekend encouraged me to do the much needed cleaning in our office. There is comfort in numbers. At least I’ll have company – aside from the graduate classes will be in the building. It’d feel less like a Saturday at work. Plus, I’m actively searching for excuses not to deal with the research proposal 😀

Two large trash bags and a tall pile of papers. The boys will be pleased with the haul come Monday. I’m just glad to rid the space of a year’s worth of clutter.  I haven’t really cleared the space in a while.

As I was avoiding dealing with research proposal, I found the energy to do the cleaning and the rearrangement of the office. The cleaning required some serious disinfection with the rat mess I’ve cleared. Shreds of paper, plastic wrappers, wood, and even aluminum (the rats has their teeth marks all over a fallen aluminum sheet that was supposed to keep the ceiling sealed).

I started at about 10 am. Left the building around 5 pm. Some serious workout.

Looking at the space at the end of the day, it was worth it. It looked much less cluttered and light. I’m excited for Monday so I can enjoy the work space.

That’s one excuse down in really dealing with the proposal. I still get to feel productive even though the proposal entry in the day’s to do remains uncrossed.

And I get to have some serious sleep (elaborate dreams and all), one thing I haven’t been getting these since the start of the semester.


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