settling in

How I miss summer.

Summer meant having more peace around. The hallways are clear, my left side silent, and my personal space expanding. Suddenly it’s June and everything’s cramped, students constantly passing through the hallways; there’s a lot of movement. I don’t even need to see the students to know they’re there. The sound of their chatter is enough to disrupt whatever train of thought you were holding on to.

I still don’t know which setting I prefer – the peaceful or the lively one. Depends on the situation, I guess. When you’re trying to get something done, you’d want peace. Sometimes, empty hallways can look dreary. It’s nice to see life in there. Not much noise, I hope.

From the office, you’ll know it’s the end of classes when you hear students’ chatter as they made they way to their next classes. The getting up or down the stairs would require some waiting time. Late in the afternoon, sounds of laughter, the now-normal-loud conversations, shrieks, and jeers pass through the closed glass windows.

There are morning classes to attend to. It just takes more time to adjust to sleeping early and waking up recharged for the day’s classes.

Come July and August, things will be part of the routine.


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