“any time”

“They’d be there any time,” said the woman on the line. She manages the printing press operations. She’s basically asking me to be on standby. The delivery will be arriving earlier than scheduled.

Any time turned out to be a long while. I, being the impatient me, was getting more and more anxious. I have waited more than three years for this. The last few hours of waiting for the truck to arrive seemed the longest.

That thing I’ve been waiting for

I just want to touch the actual publication. It’d be my first “academic” work. It’s the first research I’ve seriously been part of. Meaning, I get to see my name on the cover of this one. And I really want it over with.

All I have to do is to turnover the copies to the College. And then it’ll be off my back.

Just a few more minutes. Just a few more hours.



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