dreaming of weekends

It’s a gloomy Friday afternoon. Everyone’s looking forward to going home to take that long sleep to the weekends. The smell of coffee brew’s comforting, coffee courtesy of the office mates. The caffeine intake’s double the usual – yet we’re still sleepy.

This weather combined with my evening-romance-letter-reader-voice lulled several students to sleep during the 2pm lecture. I couldn’t blame them. Even I was a bit sleepy.

Right now with the ACU humming, the lids are getting heavier, the processing more slow. I should just go home and take that sleep. These past days, I only needed to lie down and I’m dead to the world. I don’t even need to make the bed in the morning. I’m a log. Unmoving. Uncaring. Dead.

Until the next alarm setting.

But tomorrow, there will be no alarm. When I wake up, it’ll be afternoon. I will feel rested. It will feel great. And my apartment wall will be clear.


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